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International Network in excess of 270 locations worldwide. Direct airline, consolidation, Charter and project forwarding services.

Freight management is the core of our business and our expertise to move shipments of all types and sizes by air freight is a key element to our success.

IDS has received accreditation from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as an approved IATA Cargo Agent. We are also members of the Australian Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (AFIF)

We have contracts with the world's leading carriers which include commercial airlines, cargo-only freighters and charter aircraft which enable us to offer our customers regular flight schedules to worldwide destinations, space security, and competitive pricing. 

IDS provides a range of air freight service options, which allows our customers to move their shipments in a flexible and cost effective manner:

Consolidation - With our consolidation service, we are able to offer our customers a variety of cost-saving air freight programs to move shipments globally. We offer frequent flight schedules so customers can select a personalised product that best suits their needs. 

Air Freight Express Service - IDS Express service is designed for time-sensitive delivery of cargo. With our express air freight service, you have access to priority boarding, dedicated handling and fast, reliable service to meet the urgency of your shipments. 

Courier - We offer courier services to worldwide destinations as well as courier services for shipments between China and Hong Kong. 

International Air Charter Services - When commercial carriers cannot fulfil the requirements of your shipments, we can arrange an air charter flight to customise the needs of your cargo to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery. 

Dangerous Goods - We are a licensed IATA Cargo Agent qualified to handle Dangerous Goods. We have over two decades of experience in handling these commodities and our members of staff are fully trained to take care of every aspect and process involved in transporting these goods. 

Door-to-Door Service - At IDS, we deliver. With our reliable network coverage worldwide, we are able to offer a true door-to-door service. 



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