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Depending on the type of commodity you would like to move and the required time to get your goods to the final destination, sea freight may be your choice of freight forwarding solution. Sea Freight remains one of the more economical ways of moving freight across countries, with a specific arrival date. So, depending on whether you are the seller or the buyer, you may be able to plan your production or buying schedules respectively, well ahead of time.

In addition to the standard LCL consolidations and FCL freight services we provide to all major ports in the world, our service scope includes the following:

  • Consultation of local export/import regulations on freight movements by sea

  • Co-ordination of shipments from all the suppliers through our professional customer service staff

  • Consolidation services of shipments from multiple suppliers in our CFS warehouse

  • Palletizing or de-palletizing services

  • Surveillance at time of loading

  • Door to door services

  • Regular customized shipment reports

  • Internet track and trace

Let us be your coordinator! With our worldwide agent network, we will act as your Single Source of contact whereby we co-ordinate everything for you.

Please feel free to contact our friendly Customer Service team now for updated schedules and rates, and any other questions you may have!


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