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Duty Payment Relief Notice

"In response to advocacy from Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA), the Department of Home Affairs, which manages revenue and payment of liabilities on imports, has confirmed that they will consider requests for payment plans and other leniency measures related to COVID-19.

These requests will be assessed on a "case by case" basis.

As a part of correspondence received by FTA overnight, a departmental executive stated: 

"We recognise the impact of the current situation on businesses and cash flows and are responding accordingly. We remain interested in the experiences of your members and their clients through the disruption from COVID-19, and please continue to keep us informed of any developments."

Please contact Sal Milici (Head of Border and Biosecurity) at should extreme financial circumstances be experienced and where this relief option is to be requested.

We are delighted with the positive response from the department and adds to the list of achievements that FTA / APSA has been able to achieve for members to achieve business continuity in these extreme times.

Paul Zalai - Director and Co-Founder FTA, Sectrariat APSA"

Source: Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) Pty Ltd, All rights reserved.

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