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How to Keep Running Your Business in Complete Lockdown

Dear Valued Customer,

As the effects of COVID-19 continue to disrupt businesses across Australia, we must continue to stay brave, while facing the turbulent conditions head on.

The key to survival for many rests on implementing proactive plans to help get through these uncharted waters.

It is highly likely that businesses that are classified as non-essential services will be in forced lockdown within the next couple of weeks.

If your business is not an essential service this will affect your business. Forced closures may force a restructure of your usual warehousing and 3PL operations.

This is where IDS can function as a backdoor into your operation.

Your customers may also be listed as essential or exempt services and will have orders needing to be fulfilled.

The state government has deemed freight & logistics an essential service, which has provided some supply chain comfort in these tough times.

IDS will remain open and is offering heavily reduced rates to Unpack / Store / Re-distribute our customers cargo in the event of this imminent shutdown to businesses.

IDS is ready to adapt to your company’s 3PL needs and ensure your business keeps ticking over.

To further alleviate the pressure, we can offer 60 Days credit terms on new 3PL & warehousing services at IDS.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Adam, Stephen or Andre regarding the above.

Where you are interested in our services it is best to plan early and begin moving your forecasted stock orders to our premises in Condell Park.

We wish you all the best during these tough times and a kind reminder that we are all in this together!

Best Regards,

IDS Management.

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