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Stink Bug Season 2020/2021 Update

"Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) wish to advise of a recent update to the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment website

Specifically that the Offshore Treatment Provider list for the 2020/21 Brown Marmorated Stink Bug season has now been populated. This list is available HERE

FTA have been advised that the list will be updated weekly with new providers as they come on stream through the registration process.

FTA suggest that if Offshore Treatment Providers from previous seasons are not shown that you engage with them to ensure they are undertaking the re-registration process.

The page entitled Summary of recent changes to the list of offshore BMSB treatment providers may also be of benefit. Refer HERE

Sal Milici - Head of Border & Biosecurity FTA / APSA"

Source: Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) Pty Ltd, All rights reserved.

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